Mg white lilyum

Mg white lilyum

Вильнюсский международный аэропорт VNO , Литва. Париж, Франция. Возраст водителя Дата вылета:. Подарочная карта на приобретение путешествия!

Definitely worth going. Duration - from to Duration - - TOTAL: Like the village of Camyuva, the aforementioned White Lilyum hotel, which confidently deserves its declared 5 stars, is definitely recommended for a visit. Do not trust negative and picky reviews - if you are an adequate person with common sense, you are unlikely to be significantly upset by anything here. If you have any well-reasoned questions, I am ready to give my detailed answers: mix. Hotel for 3 plus The two of them rested.

Needless to say, this is far from 5 stars! The hotel itself does not have any information about the stars at all By the way, next to the hotel where 5 stars flaunt at the entrance. Early arrival and the rooms were free but settled only at and thanks for that, not at The windows overlooked the neighboring hotel - but on the one hand, this is not bad, since it is not a sunny side, but with windows overlooking the pool - constant sunshine.

The location is good, the sea is gorgeous nearby, the beach is free and there were enough sunbeds, but there was almost no cleaning, it was full of cigarette butts and small debris. Every day is the same.

There are no first courses, mostly French fries, pasta, mediocre bulgur, meat only legs, fish-fried dry small mackerel. Olives are tasty and enough! Apricots, plums, pears, melons are not tasty, like grass. Apples okay. All sweets and juices are chemicals. Baklava and halva - super - but not everyone had enough. The beer is good, the semi-dry wine is normal, and all the cocktails are tasteless chemistry. The staff is responsive, trying! As a result - the sea, the landscape, the atmosphere are good, the food and service are mediocre.

Perhaps we will come here again, but in a different hotel. Good day! On June And now in order: Room: the furniture is all battered, shuffled, sagging from the water; sockets fall out; the mattress is springy and tired - the springs stick out, it is not possible to sleep; the walls are concretely dirty; the room has a double door to the next room in which the mother lived with the baby, who did not sleep at night and did not give to the neighbors i.

Sanitary unit: faucets in the sink and in the shower room and the toilet flush button are smeared with something; in the shower faucet it works only for the shower and does not switch to the tap; the toilet lid and seat are dirty; the partition in the shower room is clumsily tinted with rust; extractor fan is very noisy.

Bars: in the dining room, alcohol is only gin and wine, but there is always a queue; at the reception - the drunkard is different, but they pour 50 gr and no more than 2 servings per hand; a bar on the beach - a separate song - only beer from alcohol more precisely, beer foam - a queue for minutes, from 11 to 12 they immediately give ice cream - another queue for minutes I spotted it several times!

No vacuuming, no dusting. Wi-Fi: free Wi-Fi is available only on the basement floor… well, as it is… it is! It has no internet! A simple banal text message in viber takes about two minutes.

Mg white lilyum

Animation: as in that joke about the gopher - do you see the animators? Very rude attitude! In the bottom line, the hotel is very far from 3 stars! And for such an attitude towards vacationers, they score 1!

Good area and food. We stopped in the evening, did not like it at first, and other vacationers were indignant. But after lunch the next day, my opinion changed. Satisfied with food. For lunch there was chicken, turkey, a lot of greens and sweets, watermelon, melon, apples, pears.

For dinner: chicken, two kinds of fish. For breakfast, scrambled eggs, cheeses, sausages. Umbrellas and sun loungers were already installed on the beach. In the beach bar free of charge: ice cream, 3 types, coffee, tea, juices, water, pizza. In bars: wine, beer, liquors, whiskey, fanta, tea, coffee.

Mg white lilyum

In the evening there was only music. I do not advise yet. We are in despair, almost no food, soy meatballs, etc. They opened, but the hotel is not ready to meet tourists. Everything in the process is cleaned and repaired. There is nothing from the animation, the beach is not ready either tourists helped to bury umbrellas for workers.

Giant Blackhead Removal from Back 0.1 !

In a word - I do not advise yet. Good stay for your money. Hotel pros: 1. Room: clean, well maintained, everything works, they clean and change bed towels every day. They settled quickly and fulfilled all requests. Location: very close to the sea and there are always enough sunbeds, the sea is magical and the views of the mountains are swimming facing the shore, from the hotel restaurant it is very pleasing to the eye.

Very tasty ice cream on the beach was. How is that? When choosing, I saw a photo of a coffee machine in the reviews, but it turned out that this device brews soluble nonsense. For a week I had to switch to tea with lemon. Some kind of incomprehensible Turkish animator peacocks, hissing microphones and terrible sound quality, the girl who led the exercises and invited to the show with a sad sad face.

Although the food and animation depends on the year, next year the chef can change, the contract with another animation team and everything will be ok. If you rested in hotels such as Rixos, Alva Donna, then for a price three times cheaper, do not even try to compare!! If about the staff - then everything is The hotel has a small territory, everything is fine in it.

Мой кабинет.

Mg white lilyum

Главная Туры из г. Рига Турция Кемер Изменить поиск Что ищем: Туры. Город вылета: Рига. Куда: Турция. Уже выбраны сбросить. Недавние поиски очистить. Популярные направления. Куда угодно. Все направления Дата вылета:. Точная дата Период вылета Весь месяц. Выберете первую и последнюю дату периода вылета. Количество ночей: на 7 - 10 ночей.

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Тарту TAY , Эстония. Каунас KUN , Литва. Вильнюсский международный аэропорт VNO , Литва. Куда планируете отправиться:. Уже выбраны. Отель: Построен в году, общая площадь м 2.

Mg white lilyum

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Mg white lilyum