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Be live experience varadero

Какие возможности для детей есть в отеле? Читать полностью на Топхотелс. Memories Varadero Beach Resort ex. Affilired id 2 years go.

In the morning there were fresh juices of several types, eggs in types including poshot , yogurts, numerous salads, fried bacon, chicken.

A wide variety of cheeses, including blue cheeses not every day. Even sausage 3 types was quite edible, and not "chemical", as in Egyptian-Turkish hotels. There were always pineapple, watermelon, papaya, bananas. But there were no tomatoes and cucumbers a couple of times, sometimes the tomatoes were unripe.

Champagne was freely available in the restaurant from in the restaurant in the ice bucket it was also available freely in the lobby bar until For those who like to add liquor to drinks - near the coffee machine in Ch. For lunch and dinner there were always several types of meat pork or beef , chicken, types of fish.

Often fish and meat were fried right in front of us. There were shrimp a couple of times. There is a restaurant for an early breakfast, or a late dinner from to at the beach bar, which we used after a late return from the tour.

We did not go to a la carte restaurants. The drinks The hotel operates on an extended All system, and in addition to Cuban drinks, tequila, whiskey gin, brandy, Amaretto liqueur, etc. The reviews wrote that the hotel did not have enough disposable cups, so we brought our own.

In vain - there were enough glasses. Bartenders make for people with thermoses and thermo mugs right by the pool a cocktail with a volume of 0. And then the owners of the thermos sip from it for a long time, without leaving the pool or being on the beach. Animation It is available both on the beach and in the evening by the pool. Evening shows were very good. Tours From the hotel in about minutes. There were 6 French and 8 Russian speakers in our group. The tour is very long - we left the hotel at , and returned to it at That is, they missed both breakfast and dinner.

We drove km. Therefore, if you are not a fan of Che Guevaro, it is better to go Trinidad - Cienfuegos without visiting Santa Clara. And less tiring, and you will see more in these two cities. Tourists Most Canadians. There are Czechs, Poles, Germans. Alexander and Larisa Liked: the friendly attitude of the staff, food, swimming pool, do not cut the bracelets. Disliked: high humidity and unstable weather, rough and lifeless sea, air conditioner noise. Ola Cuba!!! We went from March 6 to March I want to share my impressions and all the knowledge that I acquired on this trip, I hope my review will help it is better to prepare for the trip and spend time in Cuba, for those who are going there for the first time.

Be live experience varadero

Well, first things first. The country has its own local peso, and there is a convertible peso CUC for tourists, they are all welcome. Some of the guys we met there took Canadian dollars with them, and so they lost on them, in general, not profitable. I read a lot about advice to change money immediately at the airport and thought that we would do that, but my husband decided to get to the hotel first to recover after the flight, and only then deal with finances, and this was our mistake, now I will explain why.

We are leaving Varadero, we are approaching a place that looks like a checkpoint, we have to pay for vehicle 2 СUC for leaving and then for entering, we understand that we have money to leave, but not to enter. We turn around, go to the hotel, change money, go to the airport again. Local banks charge a transaction fee.

The fact is that at the beginning of Varadero there are several hotels that are separated from the beach by the central street of Varadero and vacationers have to cross it. I really liked the hotel itself, a very interesting architectural design, who will rest there will understand later. Apparently, since the hotel was built, no repairs or any updates have been carried out in the rooms. Voltage in sockets V adapters are not needed.

When we checked into the room, it turned out that we were not provided with a 1.

Be live experience varadero

The hotel has 3 restaurants. There are three bars in the building: one purely coffee bar is located near the entrance to the hotel on the 4th floor when you enter the hotel from the road, you find yourself on the 4th floor , the second lobby bar with alcoholic drinks is on the 3.

There is also a round bar near the pool, on the back of this bar, hot dogs and hamburgers are served at lunchtime. There is another bar towards the beach and next to it, an open restaurant is open only at lunchtime musicians often play there.

Desserts are of course amazing and ice cream, and for breakfast fresh fruit juice or freshly squeezed orange juice in any quantity. Of the fruits were pineapple very tasty , papaya, orange, grapefruit, guava, bananas. There were never lobsters, but the king prawns were given 5 times during the entire period of our stay. To be honest, I thought that we would call a Russian-speaking guide and go to Havana with him, but since my husband is an avid motorist, he wanted to rent a car and feel the beauty of travel, being at home, I was wary of this idea, think for yourself, a foreign country we practically do not speak the language is scary.

But everything turned out to be much easier. I did not dissuade my husband, he rented a car for СUC days, and if we had gone with a tour, it would have been more expensive for two.

vacaciones en varadero, hotel “Villa Cuba”

Well, we went, many write that there are no identification marks, you can get lost, I can say nothing like that, the only place where we had difficulties was before turning to Havana, the route diverges into two roads, one is straight, the other is to the right and there was no sign in which direction to Havana, but we were not at a loss, my husband stopped at the side of the road and asked the guy where to go, it turned out that we had to move to the right.

I can say for sure that you will not experience such a buzz when you go with a general excursion by bus. We stopped where we wanted, after Mantanzas on the road to Havana there is a bridge laid through a huge, deep gorge, the VIEW is just awesome. We drove calmly in Havana because my husband is a very experienced driver and knows the traffic rules well.

All Havana at a glance, just awesome!! So we also rode around Havana, stopped at some street where there were only embassies. In Havana, if you park, prepare money, the fact is that stops are prohibited everywhere, and there is always an uncle in the parking area who takes money for parking, we always said that only for an hour, they took 1 СUC from us.

Be Live Experience Varadero - Varadero, Cuba - Sunwing

Not far from the Capitol, wandering through the small streets, looking into local shops, the feeling was like returning 20 years ago to the USSR.

In general, there are more than enough impressions for a lifetime. In order not to get lost, God forbid, we returned before sunset, there are no lights on the highway at all!!! Really worth the trip, we did not regret it at all. We flew to the island, from the airport we were taken to the pier, where we were put on a huge catamaran, which sailed across the Caribbean Sea amazing water to the island of iguanas, feeding all the local inhabitants there, including fish iguanas eat bread and meat products, and a fluffy animal will not refuse fruit and after taking a picture we were taken to a small island, where we were given half an hour of time to swim and take a photo, where we found a huge starfish.

While we were swimming, the catamaran cook was preparing lobsters 10 CUC on order, you will not regret ordering very tasty especially with beer and especially considering that in Varadero restaurants lobster costs 18 CUC. All the way on the catamaran they poured rum, cola, sprite, water and beer in cans. After swimming on the way to the coral reef, we ate lobster, snorkeled on the coral reef, watched beautiful fish, swam for 45 minutes, after which we were taken to the island itself, where we were given 4 hours of free time on the snow-white beach of the Caribbean Sea.

There is a show with dolphins on the pier, you can swim with them and take pictures, it seemed to us a little expensive 90 СUC. In the evening we returned to the hotel in complete delight! I want to warn those who do not know right away that it is impossible to officially export cigars bought from the country from the country, only those bought in stores, and they may require a receipt.

At our own peril and risk, we tried to take out 4 boxes of cigars bought from our hands, and, alas, we were not lucky, they were taken away at customs.

As they say, "The greed of the fraer ruined". We bought the second box of COHIBA by accident, when we were returning from the souvenir market, we went to a shop with all sorts of trinkets, and there young guys, well, they offered us, we looked, decided to take it, began to count the money, it turned out we had only 35 CUC, the guys agreed on this amount.

As I already wrote, we lost all this at customs.

Be live experience varadero

Rum, we bought it at the Plaza shopping center, so the guide advised us, and we are very happy, in duty free prices are an order of magnitude higher, here you have state stores!! Everyone loves them there, but there is little sense from this. After reading the reviews, I bought chocolates for the bartenders and nail polish for the maid.

It was possible not to do this. The fact is that when making cocktails, they use some kind of automatic faucet, depending on the button pressed either cola or syrup flows from it and some other ingredients that are often used in cocktails, no shakers, etc. But the maid, for the entire time of our vacation, despite the fact that we left bottles of nail polish for her every day, did not weave any swans and other figures, the only time she depicted something like a heart that day, when she saw us, those who live in this room.

Cuba is a very interesting and colorful country, where you really feel like a free person!! I would love to go back there again, there are still a lot of places worth visiting. But for us Russians, Cuba is not cheap, unlike the Europeans and Canadians who rest there. Well, in general, what I wanted to write, I wrote everything, I wish those who are going there to have a good rest!!

If you have questions, write, I will try to answer! I recommend Villa Cuba. Good hotel. Good food. There is something to see in the ocean, however, if you look. I looked at other beaches, there is less interesting there. Questions 1. Is there WIFI in this hotel and is it paid. More » Ask a Question.

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Varadero beach Rating Cave of Saturn Rating Bellamar Cave Rating 8. Location 24 км до аэропорта имени Хуана Гуальберто Гомеса.

In a hotel Круглосуточная стойка регистрации, сад, платный Wi-fi в общественных зонах, конференц-зал на 80 человек. For kids Развлекательная программа для детей. Entertainment and sports Анимационный персонал, вечерняя программа, шахматы, снорклинг. Description of rooms В отеле одно-, двух- и трехместных номеров. In the rooms Кондиционер, вентилятор, телевизор со спутниковыми каналами, ванная комната с ванной и феном, бесплатные туалетно-косметические принадлежности, мини-бар, утюг, рабочий стол, телефон, радио, балкон, ежедневная уборка номера.

Phones: 53 45 Website: Be Live Experience Varadero. Какой пляж у отеля? Отель располагается на 1-й пляжной линии. У отеля собственный песчаный пляж. Отель Be Live Experience Варадеро.

Описание Номера Фото Отзывы Связаться с нами. Местные достопримечательности Памятник Дон Кихоту. Питание и напитки Сушилка. Удобства в номере Бесплатные туалетные принадлежности Телевизор с плоским экраном. Важно знать Регистрация заезда: с до Информация о предоставлении дополнительных спальных мест В номерах дополнительные кровати не доступны. Более детальную информацию можно узнать у представителей отеля.

Гости должны покинуть отель Be Live Experience Варадеро до Информация о номерах Введите даты вашей поездки, чтобы проверить наличие свободных номеров. Проверка доступности номеров результатов найдено…. Поиск доступных отелей результатов найдено…. Обратная связь Детали поездки.

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